Ulysses in Nighttown
by Marjorie Barkentin (based on the novel by James Joyce)
Winter Garden Theater
Opened March 10, 1974 - Closed May 11, 1974
Directed by Burgess Meredith
CAST: W.B. Brydon, David Ogden Stiers, Larry Bryggman, Tommy Lee Jones, Douglas Anderson, Norman Barrs, Zero Mostel, Michael Clarke-Laurence, Danny Meehan, Barbara Blair, Scott Gordon, Danny Ruvolo, Joanna De Varona, Carolyn Kirsch, Margery Beddow, Gale Garnett, Bert Michaels, Kevin O’Leary, Swen Swenson
A comedy-drama. The action takes place in Dublin, Ireland in 1904.

Checking OutChecking Out
by Allen Swift
Longacre Theatre
Opened September 15, 1976 - Closed September 25, 1976 (15 performances and 4 previews)
Directed by Jerry Adler
CAST: Joan Copeland (Florence Grayson), Hy Anzell (Bernard Applebaum), Allen Swift (Morris Applebaum), Jonathan Moore (Mr. Johnson), Mason Adams (Dr. Theodore Applebaum), Larry Bryggman (Dr. Sheldon Henning), Tazewell Thompson (Gilbert), Michael Gorrin (Schmuel Axelrod)
The action takes place in Morris Applebaum’s apartment on West 57th Street in New York City at the present time. An aging Yiddish stage actor decides to schedule and stage-manage his own death.

Palvo HummelThe Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel
by David Rabe
Longacre Theatre
Opened April 24, 1977
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Al Pacino, Tisa Chang, Gustave Johnson, Joe Fields, Jack Kehoe, Larry Bryggman, Lance Henriksen, Paul Guilfoyle, John Aquino, Damien Leake, Gary Bolling, Michael Dinelli, Keven Maung, Brad Sullivan, Ron Hunter, Andrea Masters, Rebecca Drake, Don Blakely, Kevin Maung, Anne Miyamoto, Richard Lynch, Sully Boyar
The action takes place in The United States Army, 1965-1967.

Richard III
by William Shakespeare
Cort Theatre
Opened June 14, 1979 - Closed July 15,1979 (81 performances)
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Bill Moor (King Edward), Al Pacino (Richard), Richard Jamieson (George), Ronald Hunter (Lord Hastings), Linda Selman (Queen Elizabeth), Rex Robbins (Duke of Buckingham), Larry Bryggman (Earl of Derby), Penelope Allen (Lady Anne), Harriet Rogers (Duchess of York), Glenn Scarpelli (Duke of York), Keith Gordon (Princes of Wales), Gary Bayer (Earl of Richmond)

Prelude to a Kiss
by Craig Lucas
Helen Hayes Theatre
Opened May 1, 1990
Directed by Norman Rene
CAST: Timothy Hutton (Peter), Mary-Louise Parker (Rita), John Dossett (Taylor), L. Peter Callender (Tom), Debra Monk (Mrs. Boyle), Larry Bryggman (Dr. Boyle), Craig Bockhorn (Minister), Barnard Hughes (Old Man)
The action takes place in New York City, New Jersey and Jamaica. A love affair and marriage followed by a strange kiss which seems to have the power to exchange souls between bodies.

by William Inge
Roundabout Theatre Company
Previewed March 30, 1994 - Opened in the Criterion Center Stage Right on April 21, 1994 - Closed May 29, 1994 (45 performances and 26 previews)
Directed by Scott Ellis
CAST: Angela Goethals (Millie Owens), Anne Pitonaik (Helen Potts), Kyle Chandler (Hal Carter), W. Aaron Harpold (Beano), Ashley Judd (Madge Owens), Polly Holliday (Flo Owens), Debra Monk (Rosemary Sydney), Tate Donavan (Alan Seymour), Audrie Neenan (Irma Kronkite), Charlotte Maier (Christine Schoenwalder), Larry Bryggman (Howard Bevans)
The action takes place in a small Kansas town in the 1930's.

by David Auburn
Walter Kerr Theater
Opened October 24, 2000
Directed by Daniel Sullivan
CAST: , (Robert) Larry Bryggman, (Catherine) Mary-Louise Parker, (Hal) Ben Shenkman, (Claire) Johanna Day.  The action takes place in Chicago in the present.


Twelve Angry Men
by Reginald Rose
Roundabout Theatre
Opened October 28, 2004
Directed by Scott Ellis
CAST: Tom Aldredge (Juror #9), Mark Blum (Juror #1), Robert Clohessy (Juror #6), Philip Bosco (Juror #3), Larry Bryggman (Juror #11), Peter Friedman (Juror #10), Boyd Gaines (Juror #8), Kevin Geer (Juror #2), Michael Mastro (Juror #5), Matte Osian (Guard), John Pankow (Juror #7), James Rebhorn (Juror #4) and Adam Trese (Juror #12).



Also appeared in "The Lincoln Mask" with Eva Marie Saint