The Two Faces of Larry Bryggman,
Daily TV Serials - 1974
I Tell Them Exactly What I Think,

Afternoon TV - 1975
As the World Turns,

Daytime TV Library Series - 1976
Daytime's Dastardly Dr. John Shows His True Side,

People Weekly - 1984
Remember, Larry, You're Selling Soap,

Soap Opera Digest - 1987
All Heart, No Hype,

Soap Opera Weekly - 1995
It's Important to Be Seen,

Back Stage - 1995
Larry Bryggman: Bombs and the Bard,
Soap Opera Weekly - 1995
For Richard, For Poorer,

TV Guide - 1996
Brief Encounter with Larry Bryggman ,
Playbill On-line - 2000


As You Like It
Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel
Die Hard with a Vengeance
Henry IV, Parts I and II
Henry VIII
New England
Nothing Sacred
Of the Fields, Lately
Once in a Lifetime
Prelude and Liebestod
Prelude to a Kiss (Off-Broadway)
Prelude to a Kiss (Broadway)
Proof (Off-Broadway)
Proof (Broadway)
Richard III
Ride Down Mt. Morgan
Rum and Coke
The Hothouse
Wolf Lullaby