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Several years ago while cleaning out a long forgotten closet, I opened a box and was surprised to find several old magazines I had purchased during the early 70's--magazines that contained interviews by my favorite actor, Larry Bryggman. Now, twenty-some-odd years later, all I can think is what a gold mine. Mr. Bryggman probably gave more interviews between 1974 and 1976 than he has given since.

Knowing I am not alone in my admiration for this extraordinary creative artist, I felt it a privilege to share the "gold" with the rest of his fans. And so, after an extensive search of the world wide web, many trips to the library, and more than a few late nights banging away on the computer, a web page was born.

I would like to thank everyone who assisted on the project-- Alice, Hannah, Sally, Savannah, Marlene, Karen and the ladies at the office who helped me proofread. But, most of all, I would like to thank Larry Bryggman for being an actor.

--Suzi Castellaw, Webmaster


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