A Pair of Pairs
by Holly Beye
The Artists' Theatre
Opened April 24, 1962
Directed by Herbert Machiz
CAST: Conrad Bain, Larry Bryggman, Elizabeth Burke, Michael Higgins, Irma Hurley, Gaby Rodgers, Sylvia Stone

Frank Merriwell's Last Race
by Geoffrey Bush
Directed by Timothy Affleck
Icarus's Mother
by Sam Shepard
Directed by Paul Benedict
Servants of the People
by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened March 24, 1966
CAST: Paul Benedict, Don Barshay, Blythe Danner, Larry Bryggman, Gustave Johnson, Judy London, Burris De Benning

Waiting for Godot
by Samuel Beckett
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened October 3, 1966 - Closed October 15, 1966
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Paul Benedict, John Coe, Larry Bryggman, Joseph Hindy, Matthew Shaver

Armstrong's Last Goodnight
by John Arden
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened December 1, 1966 - Closed December 18, 1966
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Ted Kazanoff, Gustave Johnson, Joseph Hindy, John Coe, Larry Bryggman, Naomi Thornton
Tiny Alice Tiny Alice
by Edward Albee
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened January 3, 1967 - Closed February 4, 1967
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Ralph Waite, Olive Deering, Paul Benedict, Larry Bryggman
A Memorial Service for William Jennings Bryan
by Geoffrey Brush
Directed by David Wheeler
Candaules, Commissioner
by Daniel C. Gerould
Directed by Ralph Waite
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened March 9, 1967 - Closed March 19, 1967
CAST: Hector Elizondo, Arthur Merrow, Ralph Waite, Larry Bryggman, Anita Sangiolo

The Undertakers
by John Hawkes
Krapp's Last Tape
by Samuel Beckett
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened March 28, 1967 - Closed April 8, 1967
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Hector Elizondo, Larry Bryggman

Desire Under the Elms
by Eugene O'Neill
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened April 13, 1967 - Closed April 30, 1967
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Ralph Waite, Bronia Stefan

The Tavern
by George M. Cohan
Pittsburgh Playhouse: Crafts Avenue Theater
Opened September 30, 1967
Directed by William Woodman
CAST: William Hansen, Harold Scott, Gretchen Oehler, Larry Bryggman, Irwin Atkins

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
by Edward Albee
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened January 18, 1968
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Josephine Lane, Paul Benedict, Larry Bryggman, Lisa Richards

Stop, You're Killing Me

Stop, You're Killing Me!
by James Leo Herlihy
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened February 1, 1968
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Roberta Collinge, James Spruill, Susan Channing, Laurie Gould, Dan Goldman, William Young, Gustave Johnson

The Fun War

The End of the World
The Fun War
by Geoffrey Bush
The Innocent Party
by John Hawkes
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened February 15, 1968
Directed by David Wheeler and Timothy Affleck
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Paul Benedict, William Young, James Spruill, Susan Channing, Naomi Thornton, Josephine Lane

by Robert Lowell
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened March 28, 1968
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Carolyn Coates, Lisa Richards, Josephine Lane, Larry Bryggman

Benito Cereno
by Robert Lowell
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened October 17, 1968
Directed by David Wheeler and Frank Cassidy
CAST: William Young, James Spruill, Larry Bryggman, Arthur Merrow

Brecht on Brecht
by George Tabori; from the works of Bertolt Brecht
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened November 7, 1968
Directed by David Wheeler and Frank Cassidy
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Janet Lee Parker, Penelope Allen, Arthur Merrow, Gilbert Lewis

More Stately Mansions
by Eugene O'Neill
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened November 27, 1968
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Penelope Allen, Jane Hoffman, Larry Bryggman, Frank Cassidy

Dutchess of Malfi

The Duchess of Malfi
Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven Connecticut
1968 - 1969 Season
CAST: Joyce Ebert, Laurie Kennedy, Larry Bryggman

Stop, You're Killing Me

Stop, Youre Killing Me
by James Leo Herlihy
Stage 73
Opened March 19, 1969 - Closed April 20, 1969 (39 performances)
Directed by David Wheeler
CAST: Sasha von Scherler (Gloria), Rochelle Oliver (Lonesome Sally), Larry Bryggman (Terrible Jim Fitch), William Young (Kayo Hathaway), Matthew Cowles (Frank), Phillip Piro (Dennis)
The action takes place in an apartment in the East Village, Manhattan, a motel room on Route 66 near Albuquerque, New Mexico and Kayos penthouse apartment in Sutton Place, Manhattan.

Mod Donna

Mod Donna
Book and Lyrics by Myrna Lamb
Music by Susan Hulsman Bingham

New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater
Closed June 7, 1970 (56 performances)
CAST: April Shawhan (Donna), Sharon Laughlin (Chris), Larry Bryggman (Jeff), Peter Haig (Charlie)
A space age musical soap. Mod Donna is about a bored married couple's sexual adventures with another couple--principally in order to stimulate chorus comments on Women's Liberation and the sexual victimization of the fair sex.

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot
by Samuel Beckett
Sheridan Square Playhouse
Opened February 3, 1971
Directed by Alan Schneider
CAST: David Jay (A boy), Joey Faye (Gogo), Tom Ewell (Didi), Larry Bryggman (Pozzo), Tom Rosqui (Lucky)
The action takes place along a country road.

Play Strindberg

Play Strindberg
by Friedrich Duerrenmatt
Theatre Company of Boston
Opened December 5, 1972
Directed by F.M. Kimball
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Stockard Channing, Paul Benedict
The Cherry Orchard
by Anton Chekhov
Hartford Stage Company
Opened December 13, 1974
Directed by Paul Weidner
CAST: Anne Jackson, Bernard Frawley, Larry Bryggman, Tana Hicken, Jack Swanson, Brenda Currin, David O. Petersen

Dearly Beloved
by John Raymond Hart
Manhattan Theatre Club
Opened March 31, 1976 - Closed April 18, 1976 (15 performances)
Directed by Paul Schneider
CAST: Margaret Ladd (Nora), Suzanne Collins (Cathleen), Barbara Young (Joanna), Judith LHeureux (Deirdre), Robert Silver (David), Larry Bryggman (Christian), Robert McIlwaine (Peter), James Rebhorn (Frank), Nancy Reardon (Bridget), Joseph Daley (Owen)

by Michael Neville
Manhattan Theatre Club
Opened December 2, 1976
Directed by Ronald Roston
CAST: Roy London, Kevin Ottem, Jay Devlin, Larry Bryggman, John C. Vennema, John Gallogly

Marco Polo Sings a Solo

Marco Polo Sings a Solo
by John Guare
Public/Newman Theater
Opened February 5, 1977 - Closed March 6, 1977 (35 performances and 29 previews)
Directed by Mel Shapiro
CAST: Madeline Kahn (Diane McBride), Chris Sarandon (Tom Wintermouth), Sigourney Weaver (Freydis), Joel Gray (Stony McBride), Chev Rodgers (Lusty McBride), Anne Jackson (Mrs. McBride), James Jansen (Larry Rockwell), Larry Bryggman (Frank Schaeffer)
The action takes place on the island of Trollenthor, forty miles off the coast of Norway in the early spring of 1999.

Two Small Bodies

Two Small Bodies
by Neal Bell
Playwrights Horizons, Inc./Queens Festival Theater
Opened December 1, 1977 - Closed December 17, 1977
(12 performances)
Directed by Thomas Babe
CAST: Catherine Burns, Larry Bryggman
by Tina Howe
Public/LuEsther Hall
Opened February 26, 1978 - Closed April 2, 1978 (62 performances)
Directed by Max Stafford-Clark
CAST: Gerry Bamman, Joel Brooks, Larry Bryggman, Steven Gilborn, Robyn Goodman, Kathryn Grody, Dan Hedaya, Calvin Jung, Kaiulani Lee, Karen Ludwig, Bruce McGill, Frederikke Meister, Lynn Milgrim, David Pomerantz, Jean-Pierre Stewart, Kathleen Tolan, Dianne Wiest
The action takes place in a museum at the present time.

The Winter Dancers

The Winter Dancers
by David Lan
Marymount Manhattan Theatre
Opened October 22, 1979 - Closed November 11, 1979 (22 performances)
Directed by Keith Hack
CAST: Jacqueline Brooks (Betsy Hunt), Larry Bryggman (Fool), Glenn Close (Kettle), Richard Council (Sparrow), Randy Danson (One Foot), Alex Diakun (Bloodlip), Clarence Felder (Whale), Tom Klunis (Sky), Stephen McHattie (Carver), Bill Moor (Life Owner), Barry Snider (Mountain Peak), Thomas A. Stewart (Dancer). The action takes place on Vancouver Island, off the coast of British Columbia from 1876 to 1896.
Of the Fields, Lately
by David French
Westchester Regional Theatre
Directed by Ronald Roston
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Jo Henderson, Keith Szarabajka, Joel Wolfe

A Life in the Theatre
by David Mamet
Westchester Regional Theatre
Fifth Season - October 18, 1979 through May 10, 1980
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Joel Polis

The Resurrection of Lady Lester
by OyamaO
Manhattan Theatre Club
Opened October 20, 1981 - Closed November 22, 1981 (40 performances)
Directed by Andre Mtumi
CAST: Obaka Adedunyo, Larry Bryggman, Randy Danson, Arthur French, Yvette Hawkins, Carol-Jean Lewis, Cleavon Little, Otis Young-Smith
MUSICAL NUMBERS: Aint No Place Like the Open Road, Birdland Jam, Come and Go to That Land, Darn That Dream, Dried Up Corncob Blues, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Lester Leaps In.

Modern Ladies of Guanabacoa
by Eduardo Machado
Ensemble Studio Theatre
Opened January 14, 1983 - Closed February 13, 1983 (32 performances)
Directed by James Hammerstein
CAST: Ellen Barber (Manuela), Larry Bryggman (Arturo), Julie Garfield (Adelita), Robert Hallak (Miguel), Tresa Hughes (Maria Josefa), Stefano Loverso (Mario), Susan Merson (Dolores), John Rothman (Ernesto), Jose Santana (Oscar)
A drama in two acts. The action takes place in Guanabacoa, Cuba in 1928 and 1931.

Royal Bob
by Richard Stockton
StageArts Theater Company (Chernuchin Theatre)
Opened April 7, 1983 - Closed April 23, 1976 (16 performances)
Directed by Ronald Roston
CAST: Brian Evers (Ebon Ingersoll), Larry Bryggman (Robert Ingersoll), Thomas Barbour (Rev. John Ingersoll), Janet Zarish (Eva Parker Ingersoll), Thomas A. Carlin (Judge Palmer) succeeded by Allen Swift, Alan Leach (Vestryman Sanhope/A Man)
A drama in 2 acts and 4 scenes. The action takes place in Peoria, Illinois from 1857 to 1868.

The Ballad of Soapy Smith
by Michael Weller
New York Shakespeare Festivel (Public/Newman Theater)
Opened November 12, 1984 - Closed December 2, 1984 (24 performances and 39 previews)
Directed by Robert Egan
CAST: William Andrews, Denis Arndt, Nesbitt Blaisdell, Larry Bryggman, Timothy Carhart, Lorie Tan Chinn, Hortensia Colorado, Christopher Cooper, Jon DeVries, James Eckhouse, Pierre Epstein, Annette Helde, James Hilbrandt, Cherry Jones, Olek Krupa, Stephen Markle, Kevin McClarnon, John McGinley, Peter McRobbie, Marjorie Nelson, E. Claude Richards, Peter Rogan, Jimmy Smits, John Spencer, Brad Sullivan, Kevin Tighe, Dierk Torsek, Joseph Warren, Marisa Zalabak, Nancy Waldman

Walk the Dog, Willie

Walk the Dog, Willie
by Robert Auletta
The Production Company
Opened March 13, 1985 - Closed April 14, 1985 (25 performances)
Directed by Norman Rene
CAST: Larry Bryggman (Bijou Billins), Amy Steel (Jennifer), Evan Thompson (Browfield), Lilene Mansell (Rose Billins), Kathleen Mahoney-Bennett (Lou Ann), Dan Butler (Ronnie Billins), William Converse-Roberts (Willie)
A dark comedy. The action takes place at the present time somewhere in the midwest on a Saturday morning.
Eighth annual festival of one-act plays.
Produced by Risa Bramon and Billy Hopkins
Ensemble Studio Theatre
Opened May 8, 1985 - Closed June 17, 1985 (52 performances)
SERIES A: Life Under Water
by Richard Greenberg
Directed by Don Scardino
CAST: Alexa Kenin (Amy-Joy), Amanda Plummer (Amy-Beth), Andrew McCarthy (Kip), Jill Eikenberry (Jinx), Larry Bryggman (Hank)

Rum and Coke
by Keith Reddin
Susan Stein Shiva Theater
Opened January 14, 1986 - Closed March 23, 1986 (64 performances and 16 previews)
Directed by Les Waters
CAST: Peter MacNicol (Jake Seward), Michae Ayr (Rodger Potter), John Bedford-Lloyd (Tod Cartmell/Fidel Castro), Frank Maraden (Richard Nixon), Jose Ramon Rosario (Felix Duque), Polly Draper (Linda Seward), Larry Bryggman (Tom Tanner/Larry Peters), Tony Plana (Miquel)
The action takes place in various locations in the years between 1959 and 1961.

Bodies, Rest and Motion
by Roger Hedden
Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater/Lincoln Center
Opened December 15, 1986 - Closed January 4, 1987 (22 performances and 28 previews)
Directed by Billy Hopkins
CAST: W.H. Macy (Nick), Christina Moore (Carol), Laurie Metcalf (Beth), Andrew McCarthy (Sid), Larry Bryggman (Mr. August), Carol Schneider (Elizabeth), Lois Smith (Mrs. Dotson)
A comedy. Set of characters coming to grips with life and love in a Connecticut living room.

Blood Sports
by David Edgar
New York Theatre Workshop
Opened November 12 1987 - Closed November 21, 1987 (10 performances)
Directed by Judy Dennis
CAST: Patrick Breen, Larry Bryggman, Michael Cerveris, Don McManus, John Gould Rubin
An anthology of short sketches using various English sporting events for commentary on the battle between classes in England.

produced by W.D. Cantler & Bernard Telsey
Manhattan Class Company (Nat Horne Theatre)
Opened March 13, 1988 - Closed April 19, 1988 (24 performances and 8 previews)
EVENING B: Just Horrible by Nicholas Kazan
Directed by W.D. Cantler
CAST: Anita Gillette (Frannie), Larry Bryggman (Bill), Peter Hedges (Clarence), Bridget Fonda (Sissy)

Spoils of War
by Michael Weller
Second Stage Opened April 22, 1988 - Closed June 26, 1988 (40 performances and 24 previews)
Directed by Austin Pendleton
CAST: Annette Bening (Penny), Larry Bryggman (Andrew), Christopher Collet (Martin), Kate Nelligan (Elsie), Kevin ORourke (Lew), Alice Playten (Emma)
The action takes place in New York City in the 1950's.

by William Shakespeare
New York Shakespeare Festival (Public/Anspacher Theater)
Opened November 8, 1988 - Closed January 15, 1989 (63 performances and 15 previews)
Directed by Steven Berkoff
CAST: Christopher Walken (Coriolanus), Andre Braugher (Junius Brutus), Larry Bryggman (Sicinuis Vellutus), Ashley Crow (Virgilia), Keith David (Tullus Aufidius), Moses Gunn (Cominius), Paul Hecht (Menenius Agrippa), Thomas Kopache (Titus Lartius), Sharon Washington (Valeria), Irene Worth (Volumnia) The action takes place in Rome.

Prelude and Liebestod

Prelude and Liebestod
by Terrence McNally
Manahattan Class Company (Nat Horne Theatre)
One-Act Play Festival
Opened February 23, 1989
Directed by Paul Benedict
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Leslie Denniston, Panchali Null, Simon Brooking, Domenic Cuskern


by William Shakespeare
New York Shakespeare Festival - Public
Anspacher Theater
Opened December 19, 1989 - Closed February 4, 1990 (55 performances)
Directed by Richard Jordan
CAST: Raul Julia (Macbeth), Harriet Harris (Lady Macbeth), Larry Bryggman (Banquo), Mark Hammer (Duncan), William Converse-Roberts (Macduff), Thomas Gibson (Malcolm), Scott Allegrucci (Donalbain), Peter Jay Fernandez (Lennox), Daniel von Bargen (Ross), Joseph Costa (Old Siward), Matt Bradford Sullivan (Young Siward), Rene Rivera (Seyton). The action takes place in Scotland in the Middle Ages.
Prelude to a Kiss
by Craig Lucas
Circle Reperatory Theatre
Opened February 20, 1990 - Closed April 19, 1990 (57 performances)
Directed by Norman Rene
CAST: Alec Baldwin (Peter), Mary-Louise Parker (Rita), John Dossett (Taylor), L. Peter Callender (Tom), Debra Monk (Mrs. Boyle), Larry Bryggman (Dr. Boyle), Craig Bockhorn (Minister), Barnard Hughes (Old Man)

Henry IV, Parts I and II
by William Shakespeare
New York Shakespeare Festival (Public/Newman Theater)
January - March 1991
Directed by JoAnne Akalaitis
CAST: Larry Bryggman (Henry IV), Thomas Gibson (Prince Hal), Jared Harris (Hotspur/Pistol), Lisa Gay Hamilton (Kate), Louis Zorich (Falstaff), Richard Russell Ramos (Lord Chief Justice), David J. Steinberg (Peto), David Manis (Bardolph), William Duell (Shallow), Ruth Maleczech (Mistriss Quickly)

The White Rose
by Lillian Garrett-Groag
WPA Theatre (Workshop of the Players Art)
Opened October 15, 1991 - Closed November 17, 1991 (35 performances)
Directed by Christopher Ashley
CAST: Roger Howarth (Schmidt/Probst), J.D. Cullum (Hans Scholl), Melissa Leo (Sophie Scholl), Victor Slezak (Mahler), Larry Bryggman, (Robert Mohr), Brad Greenquist (Bauer), Michael Louden (Alexander Schmorell), Billy Morissette (Willi Graf)
The action takes place in Munich, Germany 1942 - 1943

As You Like It
by William Shakespeare
New York Shakespeare Festival
Opened July 2, 1992 - Closed July 26, 1992
Directed by Adrian Hall
CAST: George Morfogen, Larry Bryggman, Jere Shea, Richard Libertini, Gregory Wallace, Mark Kenneth Smaltz, Peter Jay Fernandez, Stan Cahill, Jake Weber, John Scanlan, Viola Davis, Donald Moffat, Boris McGiver, Brad Sullivan, Rob Campbell, Michael Stuhlbarg, Jim Shanklin, Trellis Stepter, Jr., Elizabeth McGovern, Kathryn Meisle, Siobhan Fallon, Kristine Nielsen

Nothing Sacred

Nothing Sacred
by George F. Walker,
adapted from Turgenev's Fathers and Sons
Atlantic Theater Company
Opened October 21, 1992
Directed by Max Mayer
CAST: Larry Bryggman, Daniel De Raey, Matt McGrath, Clark Gregg, Mary McCann, Heidi Kling, Robert Bella, Damian Young, David Pittu, Steven Goldstein, Nick Phelps
A Knife in the Heart
by Susan Yankowitz
New Dramatists (Rehearsed Readings)
Opened October 27, 1994
Directed by Jack Hofsiss
CAST: Betsy Aidem, Larry Bryggman, Michael Conner, Tony Goldwyn, Elizabeth Lande, Nancy Marchand, Debra Monk, Paul Sparer


The Tempest
by William Shakespeare
New York Shakespeare Festival (Delacorte Theatre)
Opened June 22, 1995 - Closed July 19, 1995 (22 performances)
Directed by George C. Wolfe
CAST: Tyrone Mitchell Henderson (Shipmaster), Nathan Hinton (Boatswain), Larry Bryggman (Alonso), MacIntyre Dixon (Gonzalo), Liev Schreiber (Sebastian), Nestor Serrano (Antonio), Carrie Preston (Miranda), Patrick Stewart (Prospero), Aunjanue Ellis (Ariel), Teagle F. Bougere (Caliban), Kamar De Los Reyes (Ferdinand), Neal Huff (Adrian), Bill Irwin (Trinculo), John Pankow (Stephano), Midori Nakmura (Iris), Hilary Chaplain (Ceres), Akwesi Asante (Juno)

New England

New England
by Richard Nelson
Manhattan Theater Club
Opened October 17, 1995 - Closed December 22, 1995 (53 performances and 24 previews)
Directed by Howard Davies
CAST: Larry Bryggman (Harry Baker and Alfred Baker), Penny Fuller (Alice Berry), Tom Irwin (Tom Berry), Mia Dillon (Elizabeth Baker), T. Scott Cunningham (Paul Baker), Allison Janney (Gemma Baker), Margaret Whitton (Sophie Baker)
Comedy/drama performed without intermission. The action takes place in a western Connecticut farmhouse. Members of an English family condescend to live and work in the United States.
Henry VIII
by William Shakespeare
New York Shakespeare Festival (Delacorte Theatre)
June 1997 - Closed July 9, 1997
Directed by Mary Zimmerman
CAST: Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Henry VIII), Josef Sommer (Cardinal Wolsey), Larry Bryggman (Duke of Buckingham), Jayne Atkinson (Katherine), Marin Hinkle (Anne Boleyn), Herb Foster (Lord Chamberlain)

Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime
by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman
Atlantic Theatre Company
Opened May 31, 1998 - Closed June 18, 1998
Directed by David Pittu
CAST: Leslie Beatty (Phyllis Fontaine/Miss Newton), Kate Blumberg (Susan Walker),   Larry Bryggman (Herman Glogauer), Ron Butler (The Porter/Light Man), Chris Carley (Second Bellboy), Tony Carlin (Jerry Hyland), John Ellison Conlee (George Lewis), Cynthia Darlow (Helen Hobart), Johanna Day (May Daniels), Brad Glasser (Bellboy/Second Page/Scenario Writer/Tie Man), Pancho Gutstein (Cowboy/Scenario Writer/Camera Man), Nina Hellman (Cigarette Girl/Bridesmaid/Painter), Peter Jacobson (Rudolph Kammerling/Scenario Writer/Reporter), Isabel Keating (Miss Chasen), Susan Knight (Miss Leighton), Livia Newman (Studio Dresser/Manicurist), David Pittu (Lawrence Vail), Jennifer Rau (Coat Check Girl/Bridesmaid), Herbert Rubens (Meterstein/Senior Schlepkin Brother/Scenario Writer/Mr. Flick/The Bishop), Charles Tuthill (Ernest/First Page/The Groom), Amelia White (Mrs. Walker/Biographer)

Wolf Lullaby

Wolf Lullaby
by Hilary Bell
Atlantic Theatre Company
Opened October 14, 1998
Directed by Neil Pepe
CAST:  Kate Blumberg (Lizzie Gael),  Larry Bryggman (Sgt. Ray Armstrong), Jordan Lage (Warren Gael), Mary McCann (Angela Gael)

The Hothouse

The Hothouse
by Harold Pinter
Atlantic Theatre Company
Opened February 3, 1998
Directed by Karen Kohlhaas
CAST:   Larry Bryggman (Roote), Kate Blumberg (Miss Cutts), Jordan Lage (Gibbs), Patrick Breen (Lush), Liam Christopher O'Brien (Lamb), Stephen Mendillo (Tubb/Lobb)


by David Auburn
Manhattan Theatre Club
Opened May 23, 2000 - Closed July 30, 2000
Directed by Daniel Sullivan
CAST:   Larry Bryggman (Robert), Mary-Louise Parker (Catherine), Johanna Day (Claire) and Ben Shenkman (Hal)

A Bad Friend
by Jules Feiffer
Newhouse Theatre/Lincoln Center
Opened June 15, 2003 - Closed July 27, 2003
Directed by Jerry Zaks
CAST: Larry Bryggman (Emil), Mark Feuerstein, Jonathan Hadary, David Harbour, Jan Maxwell, Kala Savage

Frame 312
by Keith Reddin
Atlantic Theatre Company
Opened December 12, 2003 - Closed January 11, 2004
Directed by Karen Kohlhaas
CAST:    Larry Bryggman, Maggie Kiley, Mary Beth Peil, Elizabeth Hanly Rice, Mandy Siegfried, Greg Stuhr

by Paul Weitz
Ensemble Studio Theatre at John Houseman
Opened February 18, 2004 - Closed March 14, 2004
Directed by Trip Cullman
CAST:    Larry Bryggman (Jon), Ana Gasteyer (Virginia), Shawn Hatosy (Jock), Leslie Lyles (Enid), Anna Paquin (Jenny) and Mark Setlock (Steve)

by David Mamet
Atlantic Theatre Company
Opened March 1, 2005 - Closed April 17, 2005
Directed by Neil Pepe
CAST:    Bob Balaban (The Prosecutor), Steven Goldstein (The Defendant), Christopher Evan Welch (The Defense Attorney), Larry Bryggman (The Judge), Steven Hawley (The Bailiff), Keith Nobbs (Bernard) and Jim Frangione (The Doctor )

Romance opened September 29, 2005 at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles with Larry Bryggman reprising the role of The Judge and starring Ed Begley, Jr as The Defense Attorney.

The Cherry Orchard
by Anton Chekhove
Adpated by Tom Donaghy

Atlantic Theatre Company
Opened June 15, 2005 - Closed July 3, 2005
Directed by Scott Zigler
CAST:   Brooke Adams, Pepper Binkley, Laura Breckenridge, Larry Bryggman (Gayev) , Dan Domingues, Alvin Epstein, Scott Foley, Erin Gann, Peter Maloney, Mary McCann, Diana Ruppe, Todd Weeks, Isaiah Whitlock, Jr.

Also appeared in
"Live Like Pigs" and "Arturo Ui"
for the Theatre Company of Boston.
Toured as Biff in "Death of a Salesman"
with Mildred Dunnock and Albert Dekker,
"The Man Who Came to Dinner" with
Paulette Goddard and
"Irma La Douce" with Elke Sommer.
Also, a guest artist at Rutgers University as
Dysart in their production of "Equus."