People Weekly, October 15, 1984

"As the World Turns, Daytime's Dastardly Dr. John Shows His True Side as Larry Bryggman"
by Lee Powell

"My character [John Dixon] is always physically punished for what he does. If I had as many operations or physical mishaps as I've had on the show, I'd be dead or terribly deformed."

(Regarding meeting his daughter for the first time) "There was this very attractive young blond girl sitting there. She'd come to town, come to see the show [The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel] and of course she saw my name on the program. I guess it was quite an afternoon for her, to sit and watch her father, whom she'd never met. She went back to Ohio to finish high school and announced to me that she wanted to be an actress and would I help her out. I said, Of course.'

(Regarding a disastrous white-water rafting trip in which his family and 14 other passengers were rescued from the Colorado River) "I was underwater and there was an awful noise and an awful current. I was struggling and gasping and swallowing a lot of water. I knew that unless somebody helped us or we were lucky enough to get pushed to shore, we were going to keep going down this river until were weren't anymore. (Afterwards, he and his family, safely back together, were checking into a hotel) I had lost all my identification. We were standing in line with nothing but what we had on our backs. And don't you know? Some guy comes up to me and asks, 'Aren't you...?' 'Not now I'm not!' I later apologized."