"All of my leading ladies have been great.  I haven't had a bad partner yet.  I've been very, very lucky over the years to work with such wonderful people, creative, take-charge type of people."

-Larry Bryggman

"[Larry] figured I couldn't act my way out of a paper bag.   That was basically the attitude he had, and I recognized that.  So I just figured I'd give him a run for his money.  It was a challenge to me, and eventually I won his respect."

-Kathryn Hays

"I'd adore working with Larry again.  When I work with Larry, I don't have to do all the work!  He does half.  We're a team.   It's much more fun for both the character and the actress to be playing with an adult who's making decisions with me."

-Elizabeth Hubbard

"Larry Bryggman is a true professional.  He comes to work prepared.  He comes to work with ideas about scenes.  He comes to work excited and happy to be there and it's such a pleasure to work with someone with that kind of work ethic...beyond that, he can be a real brat!  LOL and I mean that with great glee and respect and fondness."

-Colleen Zenk Pinter

[Regarding a scene in which John woos Lisa by doing a Fred Astaire number]. "[Larry] is so adorable, so precious and really charming.  He's good, too, and he really is a jazz musician."

"Larry is an extremely private person.  We have adjoining dressing rooms, but all I really knew about him was the incredibly loud volume of his snoring.  Don Hastings is on the other side of me, and I get stereo snoring.  It took awhile to learn to drown out the sounds of their stereo snoring, especially since they roar at different rhythms."

-Eileen Fulton

"I'm glad you created such a nice webpage on actor, Larry Bryggman. He's a very unique performer and he deserves more recognition. I became a fan of his when I was 15! Now I'm almost 30 and still admire him very much... His work isn't only good as an actor, but he ages incredibly well, too.   Thanks for sharing all your memoribilia on Larry. I really enjoyed it.

Eugene, OR

"[Larry] said to me once, after seeing What's Eating Gilbert Grape, "Boy, that kid was good.  I could smell him, he was so good...You didn't know who Leonardo DiCarpio was then, but it's no coincidence that he's the hottest star in Hollywood now.  So, that tells you a little something about Larry Bryggman."

-Scott DeFreitas 

Just a quick note of admiration! What a wonderful job on the Larry Bryggman web page. It's so professional, just like the actor himself! Thank you.


I wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your site and I think you've done a good job of organizing it. I had the pleasure of working with "Bryggman" when I was on As The World Turns, and I was fortunate to see him in a few live theatre productions during that time. He's a very interesting and intelligent actor, and was a light of inspiration at times for me...

-Greg Watkins

"What a delightful surprise to open PEOPLE and see an article on Larry Bryggman.  He was the first boy I ever went steady with--I was in the eighth grade.  And to think my parents said he would never amount to anything."

Lafayett, CA

I think you have done a wonderful job on the pages for Larry! ... I am glad that someone has done a site for him...


I just want to congratulate you for taking the time (and having the good taste) to honor a wonderful actor - Larry Bryggman - with this web site. As a long-time ATWT fan, he's always been one of my favorites too. No matter how he made us feel toward the dastardly Dr. John, the talent of Mr. Bryggman was always very apparent and made watching ATWT even more enjoyable. Continued success to all who have created this webpage, and of course, to Mr. Larry Bryggman - he's an inspiration to many young actors, I'm sure - as well as to those in the audience. I'm proud to be among those who admire Larry Brygmann's talent...

- Janis

It's murder replacing an actor in a play because you rehearse mostly with the stage manager.  The day before I opened [Ulysses in Nighttown], I did get in a run through with some members of the cast.  But that, in itself, is nerve-racking.   They've been doing the thing together, apparently working well together, for a while.  And then you come along.  You can't help but wonder if they'll like you.

-Larry Bryggman

What a fascinating site! Very well done and extremely classy. And the artwork is stunning yet simple. You get an A+.


Loved the Web site. I too am a fan of this wonderful, sometimes underrated, actor, having seen him both on and off Broadway. You've got a good collection of material... Keep up the good work.

-Nancy Lytle

Stumbled on your webpages in tribute to Larry Bryggman and you did a great job! For many years, he has been my main reason for continuing to watch ATWT. Finally had the pleasure of seeing him on stage last month (in "Proof"), and waited outside the stagedoor afterwards to meet him. He was terrific on stage, and very nice in person.