TV Guide: Soaps, September 30, 1996

"For Richard, For Poorer"
by Michael Logan

As the World Turn's Larry Bryggman hits the big screen this month --alongside Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin, and Winona Ryder--in "Looking for Richard," a documentary/drama about a troubled production of Shakespeare's "Richard III." And Bryggman knows from troubled "Richard's. Pacino (who also directed and funded the film) and the soap star have worked on the difficult play for years. Says Bryggman, "We started a production in Philadelphia that never quite jelled. We tried it on Broadway. We've done readings. We're always doing it--or talking about doing it." Bryggman made only chump change for doing the film. "But that's the great thing about World Turns. It allows me to do projects that pay nothing--and still keep up my various alimony payments."